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The VFX Festival 2013

Nov 03 2013 12:40 AM | Peter Istrate in News Highlights

We are pleased to present the opening of the VFX Festival on 4–13 November, the VFX Festival 2013 will bring together the next generation of visual effects talent with the biggest names in the industry to celebrate the people, tools and ideas that are shaping visual effects.

If you have a passion for all things visual effects and want to develop your VFX career, join us for 10 days of debate, knowledge-sharing and networking.

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Art: past and future

Sep 24 2013 09:07 PM | Peter Istrate in News Highlights

Today i would like to share with you some of my thoughts related to how different works of art of different ages are seen nowadays.

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Joe Madureira

May 04 2013 04:12 PM | Peter Istrate in News Highlights

Hi peeps. It was one of these days when you wander on the web in search for something..., you don't know what exactly but you know you need to find that motivation that will take you through those moments of artistic faith loss... and while i was scro...

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VFX protests - a few words from Cesar Dacol Jr.

Mar 04 2013 12:16 AM | Peter Istrate in News Highlights

A few VFX recent protests related words from Cesar Dacol Jr., a respected artist that has worked in the film industry for over 25 years, starting in Makeup FX and transitioning into CG in mid 90's.
I think these words are the most representative for the actual VFX industry situation.

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Making of Moriyama house in the snowfall

Jan 21 2013 11:04 PM | Peter Istrate in Tutorials & Giveaways

We are pleased to introduce you Vid Benišek, the author of this woderfull making-of.

Born in 1988 in Zagreb, Vid already managed to put back in his portfolio some good achievements so far as follows:

1997 / 2000. - School of Animation, Zagreb film
2002 / 2006. - Painting class, School of applied art and design
2006 / 2009. - Animation and New Media, Academy of Fine Arts
2009 / 2010. - Ivora Managment (3D designer)
2011 / onwards - Animator at RC Anima Studio

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RenderBox Studio competition

Jan 09 2013 09:18 PM | Peter Istrate in Interviews

We are pleased to introduce you RenderBox Studio, a creative CGI design company that specialises in 3D design, advertising, cutting edge CGI visualisation and animation that will share a few tips and tricks about how they did it.

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James Bond: Skyfall making-of

Nov 28 2012 09:28 PM | Peter Istrate in News Highlights

Subtle CGI – so good you’re not even sure it’s there.
Unless you’re an expert in CGI some of the best scenes involving computer generated imagery are totally undetectable.

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